Training pastors and Bible communicators to preach and teach Good News, not good advice. 



Preaching Training


Most preachers have few opportunities to sharpen their skills. Our 5-day intensive preaching course provides the training you have been wanting but have not been able to find until now.

The Gospel Arc (Curriculum)


Our curriculum is about seeing and experiencing Jesus Christ and the Gospel in all of the Bible and learning to deliver sermons that preach Christ in a compelling way, rooted in biblical texts. 

Preaching Resources

The Center provides weekly resources such as blogs, podcasts, and book recommendations, all geared to help preachers sharpen their skills in preaching Christ-centered sermons.



LATEST PODCAST - The Big Story of the Bible

Pick any verse, paragraph, or book of the Bible and wherever you landed is connected to the larger story of the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, one story unfolds and that story is about Jesus. On this episode, Jeff and Collin discuss how this one story of the Bible changes everything about being a Bible-preacher.



“The Center for Gospel Communication affords us the opportunity to rejoice together in working side by side. I highly commend the work of this Center for the edification and for the building up of the Church!”

-Bill Thomas

President, Southwest Church Planting Network