EPISODE #4 - Listen To God In The Text (Round 1 Of Sermon Prep)

Creating and preaching sermons is really, really tough work. It’s so tough it is hard to start preparing a new sermon each week. But you have to. So, where do you start and why? Do you open up commentaries and get out a notepad/pen? Do you read the Scripture text once, twice, ten times? In this episode Jeff and Collin discuss the very first steps of sermon preparation, even where Jeff likes to prepare and why. Hopefully, you’ll find that the first steps of sermon prep can be life-giving and refreshing.

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EPISODE #3 - The Big Story Of The Bible

Pick any verse, paragraph, or book of the Bible and wherever you landed is connected to the larger story of the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, one story unfolds and that story is about Jesus. On this episode, Jeff and Collin discuss how this one story of the Bible changes everything about being a Bible-preacher.

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