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Dr. Jeff Hatton

Jeff has ministered to college students at Brown University, Harvard, M.I.T., Boston University, and other surrounding campuses in the Boston Metro area. Jeff is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Dallas Theological Seminary, and received his doctorate in preaching at Truett Seminary. Jeff and his wife, Nancy, arrived in Waco in the Fall of 1998 to plant Redeemer and have never left. Jeff started The Center to support and train other Bible-preachers to experience and preach Jesus Christ from all of Scripture.


Collin Coats

Sensing a call to ministry in high school, Collin has been neck-deep in discussing the Bible, teaching the Bible, and preaching the Bible ever since. He has a Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies from Knox Seminary and has been privileged to serve in pastoral roles serving youth, college, and adult ministries. Collin has been afforded the opportunity to not only preach and teach regularly but to help equip other preachers. Collin overseas operations for The Center.