If you went to seminary, that was probably the last time you received substantive training in preaching. That conference you went to that included a 45-minute breakout session on preaching probably did not do a ton for you for the long-term, right? At this point you might be longing for some form of thorough training to help you grow as a preacher for the benefit of your church. That’s why we created The Center for you.

The Bible contains 66 books filled with hundreds of stories and truths written by various authors over hundreds of years and this Sunday you may only be preaching on a few verses from the Bible. So, how do you preach a sermon from maybe only a few specific verses while remaining true to what the whole Bible is all about, week after week…after week?

As if that is not a task daunting enough, how do you also craft sermons from the Bible that are clear and compelling, sermons that make sense to those listening as well as capture and sustain their attention?

Did we mention that you have to do all of this every single week, rarely receiving substantive feedback and having access to no ongoing training to sharpen your skills?

By the way, you need to repeat this cycle weekly without burning out by the time you’re 40. Welcome to the life of a Bible-preacher!

The Center exists to answer all of those challenges. The Center is for you, Bible-preachers. We provide preaching training for those seeking to preach the Bible faithfully, craft and deliver more clear and compelling sermons, and to experience Jesus personally during sermon preparation throughout the week.

Our Curriculum

At our 5-day intensive course you will learn to experience Christ in the Bible as you prepare sermons, you will learn to see how the entire Bible points to our Savior in multifaceted ways, and you will learn to prepare and deliver sermons that preach the Bible in clear and compelling ways. We call this core curriculum, “The Gospel Arc”. You will see how each text points forward to Jesus and how the revelation of the Gospel reveals more about each text of Scripture, creating a gospel arc for each biblical text.

Gone are the days where preparing sermons is just about collecting information to lecture about on Sunday. Gone are the days where preparing sermons is considered impersonal and dry. Gone are the days where the Bible seems like a roadblock to inspiring, compelling sermons. Gone are the days where the Bible appears to be a disconnected collection of writings, stories, and ideas with minimal unity.

Welcome to the way of personally experiencing Jesus during sermon preparation, to the way of seeing Christ in all of Scripture through faithful exegesis, and to the way of delivering compelling sermons that preach Christ and Him crucified. Welcome to The Center.