Welcome To The Center

Brace yourself for the question of nightmares: How did your sermon go this past Sunday?

Did I rightly interpret the biblical text? Was I clear or confusing in delivery? Was I compelling or boring? These questions and a hundred like them assault you when things die down on Sunday or when your head finally hits the pillow.

Then you wake up Monday and another week of sermon preparation looms over you and let’s be honest, sermon preparation has its own difficulties. Am I spending enough time studying? Heck, I don’t even have time to study this week! How do I even put together a sermon, start to finish? What should my sermon notes even look like? Is my preparation time supposed to be personally impacting or dry and rigorous?

Questions like these go largely unanswered in the life of a preacher, for the life of a preacher. Seminary, if you attended seminary, seems to only answer so many questions before throwing you to the wolves, so to speak. That book you just read and that conference you attended, while helpful, only went so far for you. And the general feedback you get from members periodically (“Great sermon!”) only goes so far to help you sharpen your skills and answer the tough questions you’re asking on a day to day basis.

So, welcome to The Center.

The Center is run by preachers and focused on providing training, equipping, and encouragement for preachers in the midst of their preaching ministries. Our 5-day intensive training course is designed so that you can get away for a quick week, drink from a fire hydrant, rest, rub shoulders with other Bible-preachers, ask tons of questions, and go home feeling more equipped than ever to preach the Bible.

Our intensive course covers everything from studying for a sermon to preparing a sermon to delivering a sermon. We have one dominant aim: to help preachers see Jesus in all of Scripture, experience Him personally in the Bible during sermon preparation, and then deliver clear and compelling sermons that glorify God.

Hopefully we will see you at an upcoming course! (Click below for upcoming course dates)